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     Our story begins in the late 90s and like many good stories it begins with the birth of a child. At this point you might be wondering what this has to do has to do with hair extensions but we will get to that later on in the story.

      At this point in time Hyacinth is a young mother and decided to choose a career in hairdressing as she required an occupation where she could be self-employed as well to take care of her young children at home while her husband works. What started out as a part-time job turned into a successful business over time where Hyacinth became one of London, Ontario’s most recognized hair stylist.

      Hyacinth has been installing hair extensions for herself and her clients for over 20 years and as a result she has seen endless variations or installation methods and trends that come and go. However, throughout all this change in the industry, she noticed that one thing remained the same: the quality of hair extensions were inconsistent at best.

      Although hair extensions have been around for a long period of time, only recently they have become as common and widely available as all other components of a woman’s beauty wardrobe.

      Hyacinth realized that something in the industry had to change, she always provided her clients with the highest quality products and services at her salon. However, with the available extensions being of poor quality, she did not know where and how to address this issue.

      At this point, the baby mentioned at the beginning of our story comes into play. Years later, Hyacinth had mentioned to her family that she was trying to find high quality extensions and the hunt began. Hyacinth and her now teen aged son Nathan took the challenge upon themselves to find the high quality extensions that were required.

      Their search took them to around Canada, and eventually to the world’s largest hair show in Atlanta. Eventually, after attending the hair show in Atlanta numerous time, they found what they were looking for. Premium quality hair extensions, sourced directly from Asia, that were of superior quality.

      The challenge was that the extensions were not readily available in Canada, so Hyacinth and Nathan made a decision to think outside of the box. Instead of looking for a brand that didn’t exist, they decided to create their own brand using the same premium quality sourced product.

      This proved to be a challenge however, with Hyacinth’s extensive experience in the world of hair and beauty combined with Nathan’s technical experience they prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

      So in the summer of 2015 GT Hair Boutique was launched. We started off by offering our premium hair extensions to the clients of our hair salon, Glamorous Touch. Everybody who tried our hair extensions were amazed by the quality. That was when we decided that we had to offer this experience to more people.

      As a result we launched our online store, with the goal in mind to offer our extensions to as many women as possible, with a focus on our fellow Canadians.

      That brings us to present day. Hyacinth’s motto has always been “If you look good, you feel good” and has made it a goal in life to share it with as many people as possible. Now through GT Hair Boutique, Hyacinth and Nathan have been able to make this a possibility.

Thank you for reading our story,

Nathan Henry

GT Hair Boutique

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