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Curly Hair Extensions & Wigs In London Ontario
Curly Hair Extensions & Wigs In London Ontario
Curly Hair Extensions & Wigs In London Ontario

Every pack of our extensions are inspected for quality by a certified hair stylist.

Finding high quality hair extensions has a been hit or miss endeavor for a long time. If you’ve read our story, you’ll know that our search for quality hair extensions has taken years. Our journey has lead us to multiple countries and hair shows, however we’re still not satisfied. At GT Hair Boutique we meticulously inspect every pack of hair extensions, to ensure consistent premium standards.

As stylists, we were simply tired of having to try and work with the low quality extensions that our clients would bring us.You know the type, they typically last about a week before they decide to make a transformation into something that resembles a bird’s nest.

That’s how our hair extensions differentiate themselves.

Made from 100% Indian virgin remy hair, extensions from GT Hair Boutique are graded as 9A. This is the highest grade that extensions can receive (these extensions are so highly graded that they graduated with honors). So why does it matter if your extensions have a top grade?

Top grade extensions:

  • Can be washed, dried, straightened, curled and styled as you would with your own hair.
  • Will take to dye or bleach if you feel like changing up the colour of your extensions
  • Do not shed
  • Refuse to tangle

What can you expect when you order from GT Hair Boutique?

  • Free shipping in 5-10 Business Days.
  • Your order shipped from Canada. We’re located in the second best London.
  • Top notch customer service from hair extension experts

Have a question? Click here to ask one of our hair extension experts!

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