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Why you should really consider buying a wig - if you haven’t already

Why you should really consider buying a wig - if you haven’t already
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Once made out of plant fibres and used for protection from the sun, wigs now come in various colours, textures and styles, and have reigned for years as one of the most popular fashion statements. Worn by women and men of all ages and backgrounds, wigs hold tremendous appeal due to the fantastic advantages they offer. If you have yet to jump on the wig train, here are the top five reasons to wear a wig that will have you racing to buy your first wig in no time.

  1. Wigs are the perfect way for you to effortlessly switch up your look every now and then. If you’d like to try bleach-blonde tresses one day, dark curly hair another day and choppy bangs the next, wigs add a touch of versatility to your wardrobe, letting you try numerous cuts, colours and styles to keep your look fresh, interesting and vibrant.
  2. What’s more, wigs allow you to try any style you want without committing to it 100%. For a cute blunt bob, there’s no need to cut your hair if you’re not ready to let go of your precious length. Interested in that trendy colour? No problem! If you like the look of highlights but don’t want to risk damaging your strands, wigs offer a truly stunning look that’s realistic and damage-free.
  3. So, you’ve gone through a major hair mishap, have you? Maybe you’ve cut your hair too short, or you’ve gone ahead and attempted to flat iron your hair super-straight and have only succeeded in frying your hair. In that case, a wig can be super handy to disguise any damage you’d like to hide until your hair grows out and regains its health. You’ll surely be able to find a wig that matches your hair texture, length and colour perfectly!
  4. If your hair isn’t damaged but you just want to make sure it’s protected, wigs are also popularly used in protective styling. Often utilized by women of African descent, protective styling ‘protects’ the hair from the elements, heat and excessive manipulation, preventing split ends/breakage and allowing hair to grow to longer lengths. Wigs are ideal for protective styling! They’re easy to install, easy to take down and they don’t damage hair like other protective styles.
  5. One of the most appealing aspects of wearing a wig is simple - they save time! At most, wigs take about three minutes to install every day. If you lead a busy life and barely have time every morning to spend on your look, a wig saves you tons of precious time while still ensuring that you look stylish and well put-together.

Even if you’re not thinking of wearing them every day, wigs are a great asset to your closet. Easy to maintain, affordable and durable, a good wig can be the addition to your style arsenal that you never knew you needed.



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