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What You Need To Know About Hair Extensions & Wigs

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The hair is an essential part of one’s look, as it completes their entire appearance and enhances their personality. When you have good hair, you feel more attractive, confident, and in control of yourself, and that boosts your self-esteem. A good hairstyle can complement your features, and you come across as someone who takes care of yourself.


On the other hand, when you have a bad hairstyle, you don’t feel attractive at all, and you start criticizing yourself. It can hurt you for the rest of the day.


Moreover, there are times that you may encounter hair problems. In some cases, you may need to wear a wig or have hair extensions.


People who have lost most of their hair should better wear wigs. It will also be good for those who want to change styles from time to time. People who want to add thickness or volume in their hair may opt for hair extensions instead. Let’s take a closer look at these two hair solutions:


Why wear wigs?


If you have lost most of your hair, wigs will work better for you instead of hair extensions. The wig is worn like a cap over your head, secured by combs or clips or adjustable straps. For extended wear, a wig can be secured by having it sewn or glued. You can even get a customized wig based on your preferences, and it can be made in a way that it looks natural to you. You can remove your wig anytime you want.


Make sure that you are not allergic to the glue or adhesive used to secure your wig. Also, proper removal of adhesive is important, so that you will not suffer from further hair loss around your hairline.


Why wear hair extensions?


When your hair is too thin, hair extensions will be useful in adding some volume and thickness. You can also opt for longer hair extension if you want. Hair extensions can be glued or sewn in for longer wear, but there are also clip-in extensions that are perfect for temporary or occasional use.


Get high-quality hair extensions from a professional hairstylist. There’s a hair extension maintenance plan to follow to keep it longer and to prevent them from damaging your natural hair.




Hair is an essential aspect of one’s appearance. A good hairstyle is equivalent to a good day. However, not everyone is blessed with healthy-looking hair, although there are solutions to that.


Wigs and hair extensions both serve a specific purpose in enhancing your look. Wigs can be more flexible in terms of styles while hair extensions will look more natural on you. It’s not a question of which is better between them but which can address your hair problem.


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