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Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Hair Extensions

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Short hairstyles give you a sassy and eye-catching look and are also generally low-maintenance. However, there will still be those times when you’d wish you have long locks, daydreaming about all your hair growing back overnight. This happens when you want to wear something to an occasion or event, but it just doesn’t seem to suit short hair. Well, we’ve got good news for you! Hair extensions are available to give you that long, full hair without damaging your original short hair. Real hair extensions will provide you with extra length and make your hair thicker in an instant. You can even experiment with different colours!

True enough, applying hair extensions to very short hair is trickier than doing it with long hair. However, don’t fret. It’s not impossible! By choosing the right hair extensions and having a professional apply it for you, you can have those long locks overnight like you’ve been longing to get.


Extensions Quality Matters

It’s essential that you choose high-quality hair extensions that allow styling, heating, and washing. Real Remy human hair extensions offer precisely that. When you get high-quality clip-in Remy hair extensions, you can expect them to last from three months up to a year or even longer depending on how you wear and maintain them.


Get the Weight Right

It’s best to go for heavier sets. Typically, a 170-gram set that has a total of 12 pcs of different widths will cover your entire head, and they are also easy to install. Weight is an essential factor to consider, particularly when you have short hair. Thicker extensions will attach to the ends of your hair better and flow more smoothly. A set that isn’t thick enough will look unnatural.


Braiding the Bases

When applying extensions in short hair, the short edges of your original hair might be noticeable, especially when they peek out underneath the extensions. To avoid this, it’s recommended to section the bottom of the hair from the middle of the ear to ear, braid it, then securely pin it against your head.


Trimming and Layering the Extensions

Another way to make sure that the extensions blend seamlessly with your original hair is to trim and layer. You might hesitate to do this, thinking that you’re wasting your precious extensions. However, this is the only way you can make it look natural. When you trim and layer the extensions, it will appear as though your original hair is just the shorter portion of the layers. Your stylist can also give you a haircut that will match your face shape and features.


Style Your Hair and Extensions Together

After you’ve got a nice new trim and layers, don’t forget to style your extensions as part of your actual hair. It’s essential that you style your original hair and extensions together to make them appear as one. After all, you might have a hard time distinguishing, which is which after they’ve blended well together.


Seek Professional Assistance

Applying extensions to short hair may require extra care and attention, and it’s essential that you have your extensions applied by a professional to minimize and prevent damage to both your original hair and extensions. A professional stylist will also know which application method is right for you.

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