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5 Things To Look For When Getting Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions offer a quick and natural way to achieve looks that require long and full hair. It also fulfills the dreams of women who’ve always wanted to have long, thick locks. However, before you spend and invest in a particular hair extension set, you need to consider a few factors. Yes, some factors that affect the appearance, quality, and value of hair extensions. If you want to make the most of your purchase and make sure that you’ll achieve the look that you’re going for, check out and follow these tips for getting the best hair extensions.

Go for 100% Remy human hair.

There are various types of hair used in the manufacture of hair extensions. There are synthetic, non-Remy, and Remy hair. There’s no doubt that the best hair extensions are those made with 100% Remy hair. This is true regardless of what hair extension attachment you prefer, as Remy's hair is the highest quality hair used in extensions. As a result, hair extensions that use it last long and look very natural. Furthermore, because it’s natural hair, Remy's hair is easier to maintain, by using shampoo and condition it as you would your natural hair. On the contrary, non-Remy and synthetic hairs shed more quickly and tangle easily. Be cautious, though—some companies would claim they use 100% Remy hair when the truth is, they’re mixing Remy with non-Remy or synthetic hair.

Consider your lifestyle.

Once you’ve decided to get 100% Remy's hair, the next step is to think about your preferred installation method. It’s important to note that hair extensions need some level of extra maintenance. If you can spare extra minutes in the morning to maintain it, you can go for Remy’s hair.

If your usual schedule is packed, clip-in extensions are a good option. Clip-in extensions can be attached to your hair quickly and can be swiftly removed as well. Semi-permanent installations, such as sewn-in or glued-in, need more careful maintenance. Ask your stylist about the maintenance requirements that every available method has. From what you can gather, decide which maintenance tasks you can handle without difficulty.

Your hair texture.

It’s essential that you get hair extensions with a texture that is almost identical to yours. In general, you can choose from Chinese, Indian, or European hair. Chinese hair extensions are great for Asians and for adding medium density hair. European hair has a more delicate texture, while Indian hair has thicker strands than the others.

Your hair colour.

The main point of having extensions is to make your hair look longer and fuller. So, it would be best if you got extensions that have the same colour as your natural hair. Even if you have coloured or highlighted hair, you can find extensions that also have such hair colour style.

Choose a certified stylist.

If you choose to get semi-permanent hair extensions, you need to make sure that you have it installed by a certified and experienced stylist. In general, hair extension installation is not taught in cosmetology school and is often a result of independent trade learning.

When you go to a certified stylist, you are assured that your hair extensions will be installed properly and securely with little to no damage to your scalp and natural hair. The certified stylist can also give you maintenance advice and other information necessary for helping you maintain your extensions.

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