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4 Tips For Achieving Healthy Hair

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Everyone wants healthier, thicker, stronger, and bouncier hair. From slapping on every hair mask known to popping supplemental pills, many people are determined to do anything to achieve the bounce and shine of a commercial-worthy mane.


Although the unattainable standards for hair have decreased immensely this past few years thanks to the “natural look” movement, it still doesn’t change the fact that caring for your hair can be quite the challenge.


Managing your wonderful volume in all its glory or taming that natural frizz can take a few attempts to master. The initial poor results often discourages us to stray from our go-to routines. Whether you’re tired of having to straighten your locks, just want to embrace your natural hair, or are simply in the mood to freshen up your look, here are some tried and tested hacks to give your crowning glory a little bit of an edge.


Tip #1: Choose The Right Shampoo and Conditioner


Shampoos and conditioners often contain harsh chemicals like SLS and sulfates that can strip away all the natural oils from your hair. This will lead to brittle and weak hair, resulting in frizzing, thinning, and easily breakable hair strands. On that note, it’s best to invest in products that are either natural or herbal ingredients, as well as conditions that are free of silicone as the compound creates a build-up that tends to weigh hair down.


Tip #2: Try a Hot Oil Massage with Coconut or Olive Oil


Coconut or olive oil are both effective and natural products that stimulate hair follicles and boost hair growth. They are a cost-efficient deep conditioning treatments that work better at fighting issues with dandruff and itching than most dandruff-free conditioners you buy at the market. Moreover, coconut oil is a healthier alternative as it helps nourish your strands with its rich triglyceride content. Olive oil, on the other hand, contains antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E, all of which can prevent and repair hair damage.


Tip #3: Use Curd as a Hair Mask


Curd is comprised of vitamins B5 and D, both of which are essential components for achieving healthy hair. These nutrients help strengthen your hair shafts from within while penetrating the scalp deep enough to reduce issues involving dandruff. Also, curd aids hair growth as it can also boost up your scalp’s vitamin C. On that note, be sure to leave it on for at least 30 minutes and then wash it off with a natural or herbal shampoo and conditioner.


Tip #4: Stop Using Hot Styling Tools


This tip is understandably difficult for many people who love styling their hair, but if you truly want a healthier mane, it’s crucial to ditch hot tools or at least keep their use at a minimum. This is because heat can cause serious damage to your hair and cause it to weaken, break, and frizz up in the long run. If you feel that it is necessary for you to use a straightening iron or whatnot, be sure to invest in a heat protectant spray and a hot tool brand that is known can regulate heat and temperature evenly to reduce the damage.


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