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4 Hair Extensions That Help With Thin Hair

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Are you too embarrassed to go out because of your scalp? Relax, having thin hair isn’t the end of the world. If you have thin hair, you can try hair extensions!


Hair extensions are indistinguishable from the real thing and have the added advantage of giving you instant thickness and bounce. You need to learn about each type of hair extensions so you can see which one is most appropriate for your needs. You can then go downtown to have a professional put them in for you so you can have the locks you want.


1) Tape-in hair extensions


As its name implies, this type of hair extensions involves sticking new hair with your existing hair using a special kind of tape. While there are DIY tape-in hair extensions out there, installing this type requires the skill and attention of an experienced hair professional. The process involves a meticulous, row-by-row “weaving” of your existing hair with your extensions. The result is a thick layer that resembles the fur coat of a labrador. The tape is also lightweight and feels natural to carry. This method differs from typical taped-in hair extensions in that you’ll only need one piece of tape to seal each extension instead of two.


You don’t have to use harsh chemicals or expensive formulas to get you the hair you want with this method. Tape-in hair extensions are quick to install, even if you want hair that’s as long as Rapunzel’s. If you are someone who gets tired with styles quickly, this type of extension is best for you because you can easily remove it.


2) Clip-in hair extensions


If you have no time to go to a professional, one quick, stop-gap measure you can use is clip-in hair extensions. You literally clip the extension and create a weft that causes your hair to appear thicker. The downside with this type of extension is that it’s only meant for temporary use. The clips are too heavy and they can even contribute to hair loss if used daily.


3) Fusion hair extensions


Fusion hair extensions are the go-to option if you want thicker hair for a longer time. They have the lifespan of a tape-in hair extension. It involves the bonding of keratin found on your hair with that of the extension using heat. While it is certain to last for up to six months after application, this method is pricey, especially if your hairstylist bonded your extensions strand by strand. There’s also the risk of pulling out your hair if you decide to remove it using a keratin bond remover. Stylists claiming to offer cheap fusion hair extensions will clamp heat down on multiple strands, which makes your hair messy. It weakens other hair and contributes to more hair loss.


4) Micro links hair extensions


Just like fusion hair method, micro links hair extensions are done strand by strand. The difference is that the ends of your hair will be tied into knots with the end of your extensions. There is no keratin adhesive, unlike fusion hair extensions. The problem with this method is that the extension can tug on your hair over time and cause it to fall off your scalp.


Reminders and considerations


When choosing your hair extensions, it’s crucial to choose one that’s cheap and will make your head look groovy in an instant. You need to consider the density, length and stress the extension will exert upon your hair. As someone with thin hair, you need to be extra discriminating to protect your remaining hair while ensuring that the hair extension type you choose achieves your hair thickening objectives.


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