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Our latest blog posts talking about hair extensions, wigs and everything to do with hair care!

    4 Hair Extensions That Help With Thin Hair

    Posted on
    Are you too embarrassed to go out because of your scalp? Relax, having thin hair isn’t the end of the world. If you have thin hair, you can try hair...

    Reasons Why You Should Wear Clip In Extensions

    Posted on
    In order to spruce up a woman's overall appearance, you should start at the top. What sits atop a woman’s head? Her hair, which as we all know is considered...

    What You Need To Know About Hair Extensions & Wigs

    Posted on
    The hair is an essential part of one’s look, as it completes their entire appearance and enhances their personality. When you have good hair, you feel more attractive, confident, and...

    5 Things To Look For When Getting Hair Extensions

    Posted on
    Hair extensions offer a quick and natural way to achieve looks that require long and full hair. It also fulfills the dreams of women who’ve always wanted to have long,...

    Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Hair Extensions

    Posted on
    Short hairstyles give you a sassy and eye-catching look and are also generally low-maintenance. However, there will still be those times when you’d wish you have long locks, daydreaming about...

    4 Tips For Achieving Healthy Hair

    Posted on
    Everyone wants healthier, thicker, stronger, and bouncier hair. From slapping on every hair mask known to popping supplemental pills, many people are determined to do anything to achieve the bounce...

    Our Story

    Posted on
    Hyacinth has been a hair stylist in London, Ontario for over 20 years and has done countless styles for all sorts of people, as well as changing her own hair...

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